1. Your duties will include the following:
(a) To coach the Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners groups of students, individually and as a team, on techniques and strategies of the sport.
(b) Provide operational support to the Director Tennis while scheduling coaching session and groups for the students.
(c) Implement and represent Harvest Tennis Academy in various promotional events and contact programs in association with the Director Tennis.
(d) Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned, during coaching, tournaments, camps, etc.
(e) Assist the Academy authorities in organizing, preparing, and conducting individual and team practices, training, and competition.
(f) Oversee and coordinate one or more specified areas of a sporting discipline and/or a component of a team, as directed by the authorities.
(g) Assist in the overall coordination of the relevant sports programs.
(h) Manage, maintain and account for sports equipment prior and post to each training session.
(i) To work as a member of the coaching team in Harvest Tennis Academy.
(j) To provide individual and group lessons/fitness as per the program developed by the Academy. This is done in consultation with the authorities.
(k) You will report to Director Tennis.
(l) To help in the development and the implementation of training and tournament programs for athletes.
2. Submit attendance sheets to the Manager Tennis on a weekly basis for both private and group classes.
3. Attend all campus meetings including weekly coaches meeting, coach development training sessions, players development meetings as required, and any other specially requested functions.
4. Arrive at all sessions before the start scheduled time.
5. Work hours log book – all coaches are required to enter their work hours for both morning and evening sessions. This will be done at the start and completion of each session.
6. To provide a safe and professional work environment for all trainees and fellow staff members.
7. To travel, if required, with players for tournaments both domestically and internationally.
8. To deliver any administrative reports as per Director Tennis’s request. This may be in the form of a quarterly player’s report, tournament reports, accounting forms submissions etc.
9. Apart from the above, you may be given developmental targets, such as:-
(a) Supervising and maintaining of coaching equipment of the Academy.
(b) Undertaking marketing exercises to promote HTA as an elite Tennis Academy.
(c) Supervising grounds and infrastructure for the Academy to ensure highest quality of coaching.
(d) Researching and suggesting appropriate developmental programmes for the coaching team.
(e) Researching, providing and applying bench marking initiatives that may be original or currently in use in other academies for (Senior Coaches).
10. Your working hours will be in accordance with the Academy Rules i.e. 42 hours in a week with in six days. You are eligible for a weekly day off. You will be granted leave in accordance with the Harvest Tennis Academy Rules.
11. You will strictly comply with the Harvest Tennis Academy Rules and Regulations as amended from time to time.
12. The leave arrangements for the coaches will be as follows:
(a) Your leave account will start from the date of joining; however, you can take that benefit after confirmation (when you are informed that your probation period has ended).
(b) You are authorized with 7 days paid leave for every 4 months (Quarter), if the same has not been availed during the period, it will be carried forward to the next quarter. The balance leave at end of financial year (April to March) will be en-cashed.
(c) Two days’ medical leave can be availed of in a month on the recommendation of the Campus doctor with Medical Certificate.
(d) Absence from work: If you are unable to come to work for any reason, you (or someone on your behalf) must inform the office by (10.00 am) on the first day of absence. Failure to do so may render you to disciplinary action and may also bar you from occupational sick pay. If the reason for your absence is sickness, you must in any case notify the HTA before the end of the first working day’s absence to retain any eligibility you may have for statutory sick pay (SSP). In notifying the HTA you should indicate the reason for your absence and its likely duration.
(e) Extra working days on holidays will be counted as compensatory leave with the approval of Director Tennis.
(f) All coaches/employees are required to sign the attendance register before the morning and evening session regularly; otherwise their salaries will be deducted.
(g) All coaches will be entitled to two restrings in a month, at no charge.
(h) All full time staff will be entitled six Public Holidays: Indian Republic Day, Indian Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali, Guru Nanak Jayanti, and Christmas.
13. Harvest Tennis Academy will provide all full time staff with an academy SIM card for business usage. A limit of Rs. 200/- per month (Not applicable to every coach) will be allotted to this card with any amount over this limit being borne by the concerned coach. This amount will be deducted from the coach’s monthly salary.
14. Harvest Tennis Academy will provide all coaches with business cards with an academy email address allotted. All relevant HTA correspondence should be made via this email address.
15. In case, any dispute arises between you and the Management, jurisdiction of Ludhiana Courts will comply.
16. If you are willing to accept this appointment on the above mentioned terms and conditions please give your acceptance in writing and join immediately.
17. If any professional achievements are attained suitable increment will provided depending on management decision.

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