PresidentThroughout his existence, man has striven hard to balance the various faculties that nature has endowed upon him. At most times, this has been a difficult pursuit. Excessive physical focus has impinged upon academic development while academic endeavor itself, carried to the extreme, stifles instinct. At Harvest Campus- Harvest International School and Harvest Tennis Academy- we are keen to test ourselves against this age old challenge.

At Harvest, we believe that while the fulfillment of a dream is a joyful experience; the decision, itself, on the part of an individual to undertake that journey is heroic and worthy of celebration. The motto of our School is Consilio et Animis (By Wisdom and Courage). World class facilities are being established and great care has been taken while hiring faculty and coaches to facilitate all round development of children.

I am personally very pleased that our special tennis training program for the economically disadvantaged local children is beginning to bear fruit. Some of them are now nationally ranked and that too within a short span of 3 years. Most of the children are very young-well under 14 years or even 12 years. To see their desire to do something in life is reassuring. I would like to believe that lives like these have been changed by Harvest for the better, forever.

Harvey Saran